Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Confession and A Promise

I have a confession to make.  As of late, I’ve been kind of terrible at this whole blogging thing.  Obviously, this isn’t a particularly compelling or surprising confession.  Just take a look at my post history and you’ll see that I haven’t felt the need to write something since February.  Oops.  But I just haven’t felt that jolt of inspiration, that insatiable need to put your thoughts on paper, or a canvas, or into 140 characters (I’m talking to you my dear Twitter inclined readers).  And if I haven’t felt it, that burst of creativity and passion, then why force it?  I’m not going to just spew insignificant shit out into the universe because I’ve been told that I should be predictable and consistent.  Because that’s what a good blogger does, right?  While that may work for some (and to them I say, "good on ya!"), that’s just not me.  And I’ve come to realize that that’s okay. 

So in light of this confession, I’m also going to offer up a promise.  I, Amy Arburn, promise to never write something disingenuous or fluffy or meaningless.  I can’t promise that I’m not going to write about something you may find silly. Like last week’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, or my most recent trip to Sephora, or One Direction (I’ll warn you.  It will happen at some point or another.)  But I can guarantee that if I put it here, it will be from the heart.  It will be something that really made me think or feel, laugh or cry, wince or grin.  That’s my promise.  Real stuff only.  No fluff allowed.

I don’t know when you’ll hear from me next.  Perhaps next week, or next month, or maybe even in a few hours?  I can’t be sure.  Because life is unpredictable and busy and jam packed with responsibilities and friendly engagements. If you’re lucky ;)

So, until we meet again then my loves.  In the meantime, keep living and loving and dreaming big Audrey sized dreams. Okay?  Okay.

P.S. That lovely image featured at the start of this post came from a session I recently did with Christian Kerr, a local and SUPER talented portrait photographer.  For more from my session and many others, click here.  You won't regret it!

Much love and thanks for reading.